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I am a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Solid Mechanics and Materials Engineering Group at the University of Oxford. I study the pileup of dislocations at grain boundaries using discrete dislocation dynamics. I received my Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering in the Computational Materials Science Group at the University of Kentucky and was a NASA Space Technology Graduate Research Fellow. My doctoral research focused on designing materials with improved response to hypervelocity impacts as related to micrometeoroid and orbital debris (MMOD) protection. I also used atomistic calculations to study the dynamic surfaces of scandate cathodes. I received my B.S. in 2017 in MSE from UK and then completed a one-year post-baccalaureate in the Thornton Group at the University of Michigan.

I am a highly-active member of the Society of Women Engineers. After serving on society-level GradSWE's Leadership Team for two years, I founded GradSWE on the University of Kentucky's campus. I am incredibly passionate about SWE's mission, and fully plan on maintaining a high level of involvement in the Society for the rest of my life!


I am pursuing a career in academia as a Professor of Materials Science at an R1 institution. It took me years to realize this was what I really wanted, but what other job would allow me to explore my own scientific interests, guide students on their own paths of discovery, engage policymakers on science and education, take real action to open opportunities for underrepresented students who might otherwise never realize their true potential, prepare students to excel, and lead my own cutting-edge tech startup? Mentor, ambassador, advocate, educator, entrepreneur—I want the challenge of being all these things!

Recent updates

Received my doctoral hood at the University of Kentucky's May 2023 commencement ceremony
May 2023
Began postdoc appointment in discrete dislocation dynamics at the University of Oxford
December 2022
Successfully defended dissertation!
September 2022
Visited NASA Ames Research Center and Johnson Space Center as a visiting technologist
July-November 2022
Awarded Outstanding MSE Ph.D. Student from CME department
April 2022
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