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Started at Oxford
Ames visit!
Posters at the Ablation Workshop
Beck Group at MS&T22
UK at Aviation22!
Saturn V
Visiting JSC for a few weeks!
UK at TMS22!
Academic fam at TMS22!
Lighting up aerogel!
Buckyball Pumpkin
Society GradSWE Leaders at WE19
Participating in 3MT Competition
UK GradSWE at WE19
Hosting my friend, University of Cincinnati Prof. Sarah Watzman
GradSWE friends at WE Local - Raleigh
UK MSE '17
Beck Group at UK
Thornton Group at UMich
Society GradSWE Leaders at WE18
UK GradSWE at WE19
UK GradSWE Pumpkin Carving
ASM Bluegrass Leaders at ASM Leadership Days
Post-talk at WE19
My late mentor and friend, Prof. Eric Grulke
UK GradSWE visiting Downtown Disney
Visiting RedHat HQ in Raleigh, NC
Serving as Graduate Programming Coordinator
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